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Bubble on my Theater Edition Jedi Luke coming off


master blaster:

The bubble on my Theater Edition Luke in Jedi Knight is starting to come off. Just on the left side, but pretty much all the way down the left side of the bubble. See the pic if you want a look:

I know this is a very common issue due to the glue used on these, but what do you guys suggest I should do to this thing now? I know they're not worth much anymore, and I'm not too shook up anyway because the card was already in real rough shape.
Any tips would be appreciated - thank you

Jesse James:
If you want it sealed again careful application of super flu should fix it.  Otherwise I'd let nature take its course with it.

I would also put it in a protecto pack.  It will hold the bubble in place.

So unfortunate that the MOC Theater Lukes' bubbles have this issue.  :(

Mine is also working its way loose, but I will leave it well enough alone.


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