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A power point presentation has been leaked by Microsoft on the new XBox. It's to be released next year for $299. It's six times faster than the 360, includes a new Kinect, 3d glasses, connectivity with tables/phones, lots of online services and a blu-ray player. It looks like a dvd player.

iFett: this was what all the Microsoft chatter was about over the weekend.  Not a bad price for a next gen console, but I've never been on the xbox boat...

Jesse James:
$300 seems like a dream actually.  Can't wait to see what next gen games are giong to be like...  I've been a big XB fan, so I'm pretty hooked on getting this short of PS4 being something dramatically more impressive.

Specs revealed:


* Constant Internet connection required
* Won't play used games
* Includes a Blu-ray drive
* Heavy emphasis on motion controls with new Kinect

That's not "specs revealed" - that's "rumors published."

I really doubt this no-used-games business ends up being true.

If there is no way to sell a game second-hand that you bought when you decide it sucks or that you're done with it, people will revolt.  I know I wouldn't buy it.


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