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We are 18 years past the debut of POTF2...POTF2 started 18 years past the debut of SW. Those first POTF2 figures are now as old as vintage stuff in 1995

Wow. Hadn't made that connection yet.

Looking back at them, POTF2 really does show its age, much the same as vintage did in 95. That being said, it would be real hard for me to feel the same kind of nostalgia for these as I do the vintage guys I played with as a kid...I was a college-age toy collector for POTF2 and that was a whole different beast.

I love the line though. As far as character selection, the run from 1995-99 has never been surpassed, even if some of the figures were comically bad out of the gate (R5D4 and Rebel Fleet Trooper pop right off the top of my head.) It really started cranking them out in 97, too, that has got to be the high-water mark for ease of collecting. It seemed like every week I found something new back then, and with the primitive Internet there were so few resources to go to, every new find was a pleasant suprise.

Maybe Hasbro will commemorate it with a four pack of repros...lets say Monkey-Face Leia, He-Man Luke, Goofy Short Chewie, and the funky Stormtrooper.

The great times when Bespin Han Solo wore a black jacket and everybody was cut. Lando had a six-pack and it wasn't Colt 45's,

Jesse James:
POTF2 at least evolved quickly enough that most of it still quasi-fits in...  There's still quite a few POTF2 things I buy cheap when I see them for fodder and filler....

That early stuff though, cripes all mighty.  Lando anyone?  Funny, but sad at the same time.

What's the hands down worst POTF2 figure?

I know most are going to Monkey Leia, and that's tough to argue, especially with the mythological value she had that was wiped clear by Hasbro.  That said, I'm putting my money on the WORST being the Fleet Trooper.

His sculpt was not only buff, but his head was as goofy looking as Leia's, and on top of it Hasbro didn't even come remotely close to even doing a single detail on him accurately.  He was dead out of the gate.  Lots of figures were from that exact era, but he really surpassed them all with only Monkey Leia being a primate hair behind.

It'll be fun doing this with Saga 2002 stuff too.  There is a lot of **** to wade through with that line too.

Bad Droids:

Child birthing hips C-3PO

Attack R5-D4

Pop up Lightsaber R2-D2 with giant middle leg.

Strange Designs:

Jedi Luke is weird because he's tall even by POTF standard and he has that same head as ANH Luke.

Tusken Raider with useless right hand, it's not a fist but it cannot hold anything? Also, he stares at the ground, good for attacking Luke, but odd for general use.

Why is my left hand designed to grip my lightsaber blade Obi-Wan (cinema scenes)

Wasting new tooling for Deluxe Han Solo's chest with  the orange harness...when Hasbro/Kenner attempt to Deluxe Batman the line that was short lived, thankfully.

Figures with messed up leg stances:

"Fall Over" Obi-Wan

Hoth Rebel Trooper

"Can't Stand" Han Solo

Cavalry General Lando

Dancing with the Stars Lobot

Dancing with the Stars Ponda Baba (cinema scenes)


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