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--- Quote from: Jesse James on October 15, 2013, 12:01 AM ---What's the hands down worst

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There are so many candidates to choose from, that whole first wave or four was mostly stinkers. Only Threepio and the Jawas made it out alive.

Obviously the R5D4 and Fleet Trooper...even the day I got him I thought he looked like a mid 80s Fisher Price Adventure People toy.

Uncle Owen is a drunken disheveled mess with a tiny useless fist.

The "best" dancing figure has got to be the Death Star Trooper.

It even ended badly. Bouushh's Prisoner Chewbacca was one of the turdiest Chewies ever, almost as bad as Snoova disguise.

But let's show some love, too. We got some really good figures in the mix, articulation be damned. I never passed up a POTF2 Jawa 2 pack. The 1997 Bossk figure still holds up, and was 100% accurate. Pote Snitkin fits right in today. Max Rebo and his organ is all kinds of awesome...even with the diaper. No, especially because of the diaper.

And think of all the characters that only came out as POTF2 figures. Pote, Ishi Tib, Lak Sivrak, Muftak. No vintage versions, and nothing in modern times, not even a reissue. I tell ya, the most complete line ever.

Jesse James:
Oh there's a lot that, while I'd buy an update gladly, they if they never redo them they'll still have a spot on my shelves...  From ASP-7 to the alien 3 pack figs, they all hold up aesthetically...  But imagine a new Nabrun Leids?  :)  That would be sweet looking and mega poseable.


--- Quote from: Muftak on October 15, 2013, 09:44 AM ---
Obviously the R5D4 and Fleet Trooper...even the day I got him I thought he looked like a mid 80s Fisher Price Adventure People toy.

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I wish he looked that good. Adventure People weren't neckless steroid freaks

Jesse James:
I liked that he had no chin, yet had a chinstrap.

I didn't realize the whole 18 year thing either, nice post Scott.  I've mentioned it on here before, I was a little late to the POTF2 game, but I think it was a neat time for collecting.  I like reading everyone's stories from those times, and wish I would have been paying attention to the hobby more at that point.  I don't know that I am necessarily nostalgic for those He-Manish figures like I am for the vintage line, but I am sort of for that time in toy-buying.

It was so much easier to keep up (20 or less figures per year, at least in those early years).  A much lower pricepoint (although, to be fair, lower quality), and it seems fairly easy to find things.  Toy collecting has changed a lot since then, with so much more out there fighting for retail space, the continually climbing prices, and it seems more problems with distribution and availability.  Plus, the whole "toy buying for profit" thing has much more of a following than it did in POTF2 days.

I know it can't ever return to that same scenario, but I sort of with the Star Wars line was simpler like it was in those days.  As in, not so much to keep up with, lower prices, and easier to find.  Plus, the entire focus on Original Trilogy made it appealing then too, but we've branched out since then understandably.  I still like to go look at what the releases were for each year, and think how exciting it probably was when things first came out.  Although many of them look silly (or even bad), I don't think the collecting community was quite as picky as we are today and maybe the hobby was a little more fun for everyone in those days.


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