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--- Quote from: Jeff on January  9, 2013, 12:18 PM ---(ps. can't forget to include the usual MN-homerism HOF voting rant here for Jack Morris  - '91 game seven is still the greatest game of baseball I have ever had the chance to watch.  8))

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Last chance for Black Jack... and it doesn't look good. :(

--- Quote from: Jeff on January  9, 2013, 03:56 PM ---Having Maddux on the ballot next year (355 Ws, 3371 Ks, 3.16 ERA) will really drive the PED point home for Clemens (354 Ws, 4672 Ks, 3.12 ERA) since Maddux is basically Clemens without the steroid revival (those extra three Cy Youngs).  I'm sure Clemens will be pissed next January when Maddux is a first ballot HOFer and he's still sitting on the couch waiting for the call.  :P

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I'll guess Maddux, Glavine, Thomas, and Biggio get in today.  Maddux will lead the votes and Biggio will sneak in with a 76-77ish number.

I think you are spot on except I still don't think Morris is a HOFer.

Ouch for Biggio.

Biggio = 74.8%, just missed it.  Maybe (probably) next year.

Interesting to see Clemens/Bonds lose votes this year... 

Chris Davis banned 25 games

It's AMAZING how no athlete has ever ACTUALLY taken a performance enhancing drug.  Every single one of them just took Adderall and failed their drug test, regardless of what sport we're talking about.  Never mind that Davis went from an average hitter to a league leader in HR's between 2012 and 2013... he's just got ADHD.


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