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Jesse James:
Hiya Toys has promoted their new "Aliens: Colonial Marines" Alien Lurker figure for a few weeks now.  It's up on Big Bad Toy Store for $20 by itself but I'm guessing by the case figures will drop in price dramatically.  I'm excited by these, as I was told if the Aliens do well, Colonial Marines could very well happen.

The Aliens sport multiple sets of hands, an egg, and a facehugger accessory.

So I finally had a chance last night to go looking for this.  I saw a few comparison pics on their facebook page with a GI Joe Storm Shadow figure.  Very cool.

I'm not sure what it is, but a lot of this 'designer' 3.75" stuff is really tempting me lately.  I've got one of the Acid Rain figures on pre-order at BBTS, I'm really tempted to throw one of these guys into the mix now too.  Maybe have him hiding out in the corner of my Cantina set-up or something. :P

Jesse James:
I have a ton of 3.75" Aliens and Predator stuff ever since I played a home made level to Jedi Knight... 

The concept was a mash-up of Star Wars and Aliens, but making it seamless and believable.  The Empire had a research facility on a desolate planet which the Rebels learn about, and call in Kyle Katarn to investigate.  He arrives, and the research is biological in nature, and it's the Aliens being studied inside the facility...

He gets found, escapes, but knocks out power to the base...  In doing so, the site's cages open, and Aliens get loose, and Kyle must escape.  There are a lot of puzzles and things (remotely controlling a mouse droid to open a door, etc.), but things go horribly wrong.  The Aliens the guy designed were skins but he heightened the speed of them, and their aggressiveness, and they'd attack anyone from neutral Imp scientists to Stormtroopers to Kyle and droids.

Anyway, Kyle kills a bunch of aliens, stormtroopers, and more, and bails on the planet, tells the Rebels to stay away from it after what happened, and that's that.  Since that moment, I've had this mash-up fetish for 3.75" Aliens figures in my SW universe.  I got one Microman Alien (mucho expensive), and bought the Hot Toys Snap Kits when they came out, which actually gained value.  The last Aliens series was hands down the best.

If Hiya is going to delve into Aliens and possibly make human characters, I'm excited for this.  The thought of a line of Colonial Marines is just awesome to me.  I love that universe, and just wish Hot Toys hadn't bailed on it right after it got really good.

Jesse James:
Yup I pre-ordered.

If the Aliens Soldiers do well, there are already Colonial Marines and a Power Suit in the works for release.  You want USCMarines?  Start supporting the Aliens!

Jesse James:
Pre-ordered the Lurker...  Realized I only had ordered the Warrior.

I so want USCM's and the Power Suit...  They could do so well with those.


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