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Release the Edwards cut!  ;)

Very frank from Gilroy... if his contributions were primarily to the characters/arcs, he absolutely missed the boat on Jyn. The first hour of that movie is the most clumsy in all of SW. The story keeps underlining the same beat, over and over, until the last 45 minutes... which might be the best in SW. Very curious to know more.


--- Quote from: Nicklab on April  6, 2018, 08:31 AM ---Back in 2016, actor Ben Mendelsohn stated that there's a radically different version of ROGUE ONE that exists, and that it was Gareth Edwards original director's cut.
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--- Quote from: Darby on April  6, 2018, 09:51 AM ---Very curious to know more.
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If you haven't seen it before, this is a pretty good summary of a lot of stuff that was filmed/changed/cut:  Everything Cut from Rogue One

Lot of stuff in there about the possible alternate endings, some of which were filmed and screened for LFL folks.


I've seen most of that before, but good refresher. I'm really interested to know what the initial cut/script looked like, considering Gilroy's severe assessment of it.

Rogue One has made it into the rotation of Star Wars movies on TNT, so of course I watched a little bit of it last night.  And there's one bit that I can't believe I hadn't noticed before.  When the Rebel fighters begin attacking the Imperial base on Eadu, Krennic is commanding his subordinates to mount a defense and get their TIE fighters into the air.  And when he starts to move out of the shot a Death Trooper is following.  But the way this guy who is behind Krennic's left shoulder is walking/marching looks RIDICULOUS!  You have to see it in motion to really appreciate how silly it looks.

Recently I've been scouring through some screencap websites looking for diorama images.  Usually it's just generic background stuff that I could potentially print out.  But every once in a while you come across little Easter Eggs that you hadn't seen before.  Like this one.

I've loved some of the concept art that has been released over the years.  Including some images of scenes that were never realized.  One of them is this image of a Star Destroyer drydock.  I guess the designers for Rogue One were able to sneak the concept into some of the previously unseen details of the Death Star!  Because it seems pretty clear (unless you blink and miss it) that the Death Star had docking facilities in the equatorial trench for Star Destroyers.


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