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Jesse James:
I am intrigued for sure...  It really implies a Rebel Pilot storyline I'm guessing?  And a female as the lead is interesting too.  I'm all ears, and hope it nets me more Rebel Pilot figures...  if for no other reason than it'll annoy a certain segment of collectors to boot.  :D

But yeah, the title sure makes one think X-Wing Pilot...  Will spinoffs have a series all their own, like how Iron Man is his own series?  I'm wondering if they'll go that route or one-and-done type deals.

But yeah, dealing with common soldiers/pilots, I'd love stuff like that.  Dream come true if that's how they go.


--- Quote from: Jesse James on March 12, 2015, 06:47 PM ---Will spinoffs have a series all their own, like how Iron Man is his own series?  I'm wondering if they'll go that route or one-and-done type deals.
--- End quote ---

The original plan I thought I read was to just do random, one-off movies.  But, like everything else, if they stumble onto something that makes a bajilion dollars, I could see them making a "Rogue One 2". :P

You bring up an interesting point about potential for figures...  Whatever they make, it'll be a pretty short run.  There's a really small window for any retail line if the Episode 8 stuff will be hitting in March/April 2017. 

I think I saw Jayson joking on Twitter about how Hasbro is taking/planning for all these movies...  assuming they need a buffer in-between to clear out retail to make room for the next line, could we see something like:

Ep7 toy line = September 2015 - July 2016
Rogue One toy line = September 2016 - February 2017
Ep8 toy line = April 2017 - whenever the next stand-alone comes along

And people still think there will be a lot of room at retail for large PT/OT figure lines and Rebels and whatever else...?  How this is all going to work is still the most curious part for me, aside from the scales and the prices.

Jesse James:

I think fans are in for MAJOR bitch-fests online because this is gonna be boom boom boom type of distribution, nothing like we've ever experienced with Star Wars as a toy line, ever really.

Star Wars is maybe unique too, in that the collecting world DEMANDS the most obscure of figures...  How slighted are they going to feel?  It's impossible for Hasbro to have some kind of dedicated line of obscurity for collectors, but collectors will assume "they can make anything, and just don't to piss us off and ruin the line!", as collectors tend to be.  I don't think super hero lines have had the level of obscurity to them that Star Wars does, and they're really the only lines to compare to since there seems to be new hero flicks out every year.

At this point I just don't see the time for Hasbro to delve into these deep character pools till the next blitz is on...  Getting main characters done nicely may be a stretch even, much less these obscure droids, aliens, and troopers that we all will want.  I don't see how it's possible really unless they don't distinguish lines and Star Wars in the toy aisle is kind of generic?  But the packaging is the advertising, so I don't see that happening either.

I agree completely, how they shake this stuff out is far more interesting to me than anything.  Uncharted waters, again.  I know what I want, but I'm not really banking on much of it in terms of scale or quality.   :-\  I'm just sort of rolling with the punches though. 

It doesn't take a crystal ball to predict a segment of the buying public will be vocally upset with whatever winds up happening though.   :-X

I definitely think the model we're all accustomed to - deep cuts on characters spread out over years between movies - is probably over. Depending on how comprehensive the initial roll out for each of these films is, that could end up being a bummer, especially if there are vast layers of background coolness that go ignored because there's another movie six months later. On the other hand, you have another midnight madness type drop every six months. We'll see come this fall how varied the volume is with Hasbro. The likelihood we get many figures for TFA even beyond September 2016 has to be somewhat suspect given the release schedule going forward. I have a feeling we'll something like 50+ figures for TFA on or around launch time. Disney will look to mine this for all it's worth.

I do expect LOTS of complaining. I mean, that's all there is now, and all the really good stuff to complain about is years behind us. I don't know even know what we want or don't want with these movies yet, so I won't speculate on what the concerns could be, but to Jesse's point SW collectors expect a degree of obscurity that is simply unrivaled in any other collecting segment. This kind of endless blitzing of merchandise, focused certainly on the heavy hitters of each respective movie, is going to reduce opportunities for Hasbro or any producer of SW related merchandise to really dig too deep. I have no doubt Hasbro will continue to cull from previous films to fill in spots here and there - even today we're getting new CW characters - but you're talking about very, very limited opportunities for that when Hasbro will be going - forget every six months, how about every three - from movie, to DVD release, to movie and so on from now until the brand somehow becomes unprofitable.

Can we start complaining now or do we have to wait for the facts to be presented??  ???


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