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SW Stand-Alone Boba Fett Movie - Cancelled

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Some more steam around this one being about Boba Fett

So, with the announcement that young Han is #2, I wonder what the status of the Fett movie is?

Some stuff on this movie from the EW Han Solo movie story:

--- Quote ---Kennedy did provide an update on the state of that movie, which has not yet hired a new director. In short: don’t worry, it’s not going away.

“It’s still one of the stories that we absolutely want to tell,” she says. “There is a lot of innovative technology in and around what it is we’re doing with that story, so for a lot of reasons, we were comfortable postponing that. But we’re definitely still developing it.”

It doesn’t have a date, but it will probably come in 2020, after the conclusion of this new trilogy with Episode IX in 2019.
--- End quote ---

More rumors are circulating about the possible Boba Fett film.  Check out THIS COMIC BOOK MOVIE POSTING which discusses the possibility of Lucasfilm casting actor Michael B. Jordan as the bounty hunter for this project.

There's more on this from The Wrap writer Jeff Sneider on the Meet the Movie Press Podcast.  It was Sneider who reported on ousted director Josh Trank's behavior on the set of FANTASTIC FOUR, which is cited as the reason why he was kicked off of the Boba Fett project.

Dusting this off, because I read something before SWCO that this project might still be in development.

The rumors I've heard say that this project may not just focus on Boba Fett, and it may actually feature a number of bounty hunters on some sort of mission.  So it may be more of an ensemble kind of story.  Will it get into some EU territory like the bounty hunters guild?  That could make for some interesting callbacks to established material.

A story pitch that I'd like to see including the bounty hunters might take place between the events of A NEW HOPE and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.  Just how did the Empire learn the identity of the rebel who destroyed the Death Star?  How did Darth Vader make that connection between the X-wing pilot he came close to shooting down during the trench run, and the son he didn't know he had?  That might be a story worth telling that employs the bounty hunters.

Rumor also has it that the next anthology / spin-off movie may get announced over the summer.  I would think that could be at either D23 or SDCC.


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