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I'd be fine with Pratt Solo in an early film as he's one of the few guys that can match that kind of authentic macho charisma on screen.  But isn't he a little old to play "young Han Solo?"  How about Minnesota's own Garrett Hedlund?

There was a rumor last year about Aaron Paul being in contention for a Han Solo anthology project role.  But I think if that was happening we might have heard something official about that in this news posting.


--- Quote from: Diddly on July  7, 2015, 04:49 PM ---I mean I loved The LEGO Movie and all but these articles make it sound like this will be a comedy. Or am I the only one getting that vibe?
--- End quote ---

Not getting a "comedy" vibe, but given the movies these guys make, I can imagine it will have plenty of "fun" in it...  or at least I'm hoping it's not 23 Jump Street staring Han and Chewie (now I'll have to go back and re-watch the closing credits of 22 Jump Street to see if there was a Star Wars parody in there :P).

Jesse James:
Yeah I'm open to any actor in the general possible realm here, aside from LeBooooof...  But Pratt included.  I don't know how he'll work out but at this point I don't know how any of these movies will work out so whatever.  I hope it's good.  And if it isn't I hope they put the lid on the idea and move on from it.

I'd like to see how Charlie Cox from Daredevil would be as Han. He's the right age, a little short maybe, but as intense he can be on DD I think he could pull it off. Pratt does nothing for me, maybe as Indy, but not Han.


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