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The Force Awakens 3.75" 'Armor Up' Assortment

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Looks like these are the $10 armored figures...  pics from JTA's Facebook page and various twitter sources.

Note: Finn (Starkiller Base)

That was my favorite scene in Jedi. When the twin Suns of tatooine set, Luke would don his superhero costume and become Banthaman! Can jump a moisture vaporator in a single bound. More powerful than a jawa sand crawler. In the sky! Over the Dunes! It's Banthaman.

Sorry, just delirious from disappointment today...

After soaking everything, some thoughts:

Figures in general: Very, very good. I like the 5 POA. The paint apps seem better for the most part. Seems a few of these at least have ball jointed heads judging from the various pics.

Packaging: This is the best card art we've had since the 30th anniversary, and maybe longer. Leagues better than any of the PT movie cards. Outstanding character art which gives a little nod to the vintage days will still graphically current. Way better than what I expected after they first announced the packaging.

Accessories: Not entirely sure on the armor concept but at first blush a few of these figures are the same as the basic figures (Finn, Flame Trooper) for what I assume is a higher price point. This is the same business model Hasbro employed with TPM 3D when they sold us the same Qui-Gon's and Obi-Wan's various ways at various price points and you can buy some of those to this day at a Wal-Mart near you. I don't think the distinction between the armor bits and the build a lawn mower is so great that you need to have two, or charge a premium for one or the other. Ultimately I don't think it will matter, as I doubt any of the figures will be exclusive to one line or the other, but I guarantee moms and dads will leave that Finn Armor set to die on the vine when they can get the same one with a similar lawn mower doo dad for three bucks cheaper. This is the sort of takeaway you'd think Hasbro would have gleaned from the TPM 3D post mortem, but apparently not.

Anyways, after all that - can't wait!

Whoever is taking these pictures needs to take it off the UFO setting so we can get a clear picture.


--- Quote from: Master_Phruby on August 13, 2015, 06:40 PM ---Whoever is taking these pictures needs to take it off the UFO setting so we can get a clear picture.

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You sir have won the internet today


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