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TFA 3.75" Scale Millennium Falcon

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3.75" Scale Millennium Falcon Rumors so far -
- it's supposed to be about $120-130
- it'll have pack-in figure(s); rumor = Chewbacca, Finn, BB-8
- it may have nerf-dart firing cannon(s)
- it's most likely not the BMF mold
- it's most likely a brand new Falcon design
- it'll probably have a "fold-out" playset feature like other recent big vehicles

Looking forward to finally seeing some pictures of this thing. :)

Saw the pictures.


Another item that's  gonna be selling for twice what it should be.

For what it is - a kid's toy - it will probably go over really well. The figures I'd like myself but I see eBay in the future for these.

Jesse James:
Exactly...  The playset portion is really fun looking actually and detailed.  :)

It's the big ticket toy of the iconic ship for kids this year like 1978.

In some ways I think I would have preferred a Ep7 BMF re-do... but for what this is, I'm kinda glad they put a little effort into making up a new Falcon too. 

Yeah it's got action features and stuff, but I think it looks like a fun toy.  I know my 5yo will be all over this thing... especially the shooting nerf missile thing. :P


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