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Captain Piet:
Saw first Force Awakens merchandise -- a lone TIE pilot, some low-tech role play masks -- at a K-mart today.

I saw some of those "Box Buster" things and the Millenium Falcom Air Hogs dealio while making the rounds at Walmart this weekend, but nothing any good. I do like the new packaging though.

Let's go Krogering!  ;D

I hit the mother lode last night at the grocery store of all places. I guess Kroger don't play that Walmart nonsense with cockblocking you at the register.

Picked up everything they had in 3&3/4" scale. (There was no 6" stuff sadly) They seemed to be complete cases, I ended up with:

2x Assault Walker w/Stormtrooper Sergeant
2x Elite Speeder Bike w/Stormtrooper (Spec Forces)
8x Armor Series figures
12x Basic Figures

The Class I stuff was $19.99, the Armor guys $12.99 and the basic figures were $7.99. The best part was though, that they had a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale going on for everything, even the vehicles. I had to get a manager to help apply them at the register, which was a bit of a hassle, but they had absolutely no qualms about selling them to me. I even ended up getting 3 of the basic figures for free because of some snafu.

All told I ended up with $279.76 (plus tax) worth of toys for $177.86 (plus tax). Not a bad night's work.

The nutty thing is - I don't even want any of this stuff. Literally. I got them for 2 friends I am planning on meeting up with for MM. Figured I would save them some work.

I plan to go out hunting for the 6" guys today at Walmart and K-Mart. Anything I can grab before tomorrow night would be a plus.

Found some stock out at a local WalMart, but nothing that I'd actually buy.  Saw the first wave of TFA Hero Series 12" figures:  Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, First Order Stormtrooper & Finn.  Also saw some Hero Mashers, Micro Machines, Role Play masks & lightsabers

Picked up the 6" Kylo Ren and First Order Stormtroopers this morning at a Kmart near where I work. I also snagged a 2nd 6" Kylo Ren for a friend at work.

I don't collect 6" but these two figures are pretty cool - I'll probably just display them on my desk at work. If they ever release a Captain Phasma I'll probably grab her and then call it quits there, the last thing I want to do at this point is try to play catch-up with the 6" line...  :P


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