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Walmart TFA Resistance X-Wing Fighter (Blue) with Poe

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You had to know this was coming, right?

From Rebelscum - it's Poe's Blue deco X-Wing.  Not sure if this is a TRU exclusive too (like the Desert TIE) or if it's a regular release.

Slightly larger pics...

I'm in... As dumb as they are, I'm also a sucker for the under-scaled X-Wings.  They just remind me of the original vintage one.

Could be nothing, could just be a coincidence, but this version of the X-Wing is in an online WalMart commercial...

Just go to 7 seconds in and watch from there, it will cut to a Father and Son walking in a field and the kid is clearly holding the White/Blue version of the Hasbro X-Wing.

It's possible that Hasbro & Lego just sent WalMart a bunch of stuff for the commercials and it's an oversight, but it could mean that the White/Blue X-Wing is a WalMart exclusive.

Captain Piet:
I swear, these Wal-Mart ads, like everything in the Force Awakens promo push, have been killing it.
Is it possible, Pete, the blue/while X-wing is the Revell model?


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