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We're going to see some Q1 and Q2 offerings, and that's probably going to be it.  We're simply dealing with a new model for the rollout of the Star Wars line than we've been accustomed to from 1999 - 2015. 

As for what we're probably going to see in the basic figure line?  Main characters like Leia and Luke, other versions of Rey, Finn and Poe.  Maz and Snoke are probable.  As for second and third tier characters?  That's tough to call at this point.  I think things will pick up for the REBELS line, which seemed to get shelved for the most part during the promotional push for TFA.  And I think that the OT and PT will get some token representation, but nothing substantial. 

I think one of the most telling things about what we're going to see in the future was a small news item that we saw a few months ago.  It may not have even registered with a number of people.  And that was the fact that Disney trademarked the term "FORCE FRIDAY" following the all out media blitz and merchandise offering that was the first Force Friday.  I think we're going to see another Force Friday for the rollout of the toy line supporting the ROGUE ONE movie this September, and we'll probably see another for Episode 8 in September of 2017.  I think we'll see a select few things at SDCC, but most things will get held back for Force Friday.

So the fine people posting at Rebelscum are saying that Hasbro didn't show a single 3 3/4" item. 

At this point I'm assuming that's accurate?

There are a scant few 3.75" Rebels figures.  Season 2 Sabine, Leia, Kanan in Stormtrooper armor and Darth Maul.  There's also a new image of the Seventh Sister Inquisitor that's making the rounds.

They also showed the Takodana Encounter multipack with Maz, Rey, Finn, BB-8 and the accessories.

But 0 SA 3.75" if that's what you're wondering.

Looks like 0 TFA was what I meant - outside of that battlepack we already saw.

So despite a new movie and Super 7 promising tons of new Reaction stuff, the only things that came out of Toy Fair that fit my collecting focus were a few Rebels figures, a Reaction Aliens set, and a terribly conceived Hoth Lego set.

What a bust.


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