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It looks like this might be a new version of Kylo Ren.

Also from the session?  Force Friday for ROGUE ONE is set for September 30th, 2016.


THE FORCE AWAKENS 3.75" BASIC FIGURES:  More TFA figures are coming this year. They weren't announced today but will be out this year.

Luke and Leia from TFA are coming soon

3.75" VEHICLES: More large 3.75inch vehicles are coming but they have to have a balance of kids play features and collector oriented aesthetic

If Kylo arena shuttle comes back in future films Hasbro may make it. They talk about making it quite a bit.

Leia's shuttle - not so much.

The BMF Falcon can't be rerelease D because it would cost "hundreds more" to make today than back when they did. So no rerelease with TFA Falcon. How said it could cost $500 or $600 if rerelease do.

THE FORCE AWAKENS CREATURES:  Asked about beasts for TFA. They are being considered. 6-inch is where they're looking but maybe also 3.75-inch

WALMART EXCLUSIVE 3.75" BLACK SERIES:  Asked about Black Series. They will continue. They will still be Wal Mart exclusive. Coming in spring. Will be announced through Hasbro Pulse

Seems like Phasma and Asty will be coming in Wal Mart Black Series

BLACK SERIES 6" FIGURES - FAN CHOICE POLL:  In the poll the ONLY Legends character that got a lot of votes is Revan. So other Legends characters are very unlikely.

BLACK SERIES 6" VEHICLES:  Asked about 6 inch black series vehicles. They're looking at ones that could fit in the 6-inch scale

DROID FACTORY:  The droid factory figures found at were never meant to be released

VINTAGE COLLECTION:  Vintage Collection figures may make a return. They said they wanted to rest it and it has rested. So bringing it back is hotly discussed.
If they bring it back it would be a card style but there's discussion about if they would be 5 POA or highly articulated.

OLDER/SCARCE FIGURES:  Discussion is happening of bringing back some older figures that were hard to find.

And then SDCC has its own exclusive too that WONT be at CE.

COMIC PACKS:  Asked about Star Wars comic packs. It was under heavy discussion but they moved away from it. Maybe sometime.

Like others have said I really like what was shown, but also wish it would have been more - particularly with the basic line. This is as big as Star Wars has been in a long time, and in many ways it still seems like an afterthought. The main other line I follow is Marvel Legends, and look how much they revealed ( multiple waves of 6", 3 3/4", comic packs, and new things like 12", prop replicas, etc.).  With the way the attitudes have soured lately and negativity on the rise, why not do a make good here and just show a big chunk of stuff. We know you can't show Rogue One, but show us the rest. It would go a long ways I think.

Like Darby said in his post, I miss the good old discussions we would have here around TF or SDCC, they could last weeks or months. Now, with so little shown and the fan base so segmented, it's over by the weekend. That being said, what they did show looked very nice. I'm looking forward to Maz, and all the 6" stuff looks great too.


--- Quote from: Nicklab on February 13, 2016, 10:50 PM ---More TFA figures are coming this year. They weren't announced today but will be out this year.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, because why would they want to announce something like that to fans feverishly waiting for that exact type of announcement at Toy Fair. :-\

Feels to me like Disney wants to create their own Star Wars events/releases/news versus partnering with anyone else's event.  Or maybe Hasbro was like that all along, but now finally has the clout and financial backing to just do whatever they want.  I'm not a big Disney buff, but feels like that's their shtick with all their properties - closely controlled, we'll show you what we want when we want and you'll hear it from our people.


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