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$19.99 Takodana Battle Pack revealed @ EW

Set includes new 5POA Maz Kanata and repacks of 5POA Finn, Rey, and BB8.  Text in the article says Maz will not be available singly, just in this set.  Set also includes the Anakin Saber and Maz's trunk.

Maz looks great... but sticking her in a $20 box set with repacks is pretty lame.  Pic from EW:

Well for 5 POA that's a really great looking figure.

But yeah, that's an equally disappointing way to distribute it.  Hopefully the paint apps on the repacks are at least different enough that they're kind of variations.

It's a goddamn gorgeous figure.

Jesse James:
Hmmm yeah sticking her in a box O junk kinda blows.  May see if my brother wants the others for fodder since I got them long ago.  Basically this is a $20 5POA fig with a cool accessory... For most of us anyway. 

Wonder if this will be exclusive or everywhere?


--- Quote from: Jesse James on February 11, 2016, 03:36 PM ---Basically this is a $20 5POA fig with a cool accessory... For most of us anyway. 
--- End quote ---

I don't mind the BB-8 to be honest.  I only have the one from the 3-pack with the Jakku goons.  Nice to have another.  Too bad they couldn't have thrown FN-2199 (aka TR-8R) into the mix too since he was a fun part of Takodana battle.


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