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One of the greatest things to come to the small screen in a long time

Loved absolutely every minute of this, homage to ET, Goonies, Teen Horror flicks, Stephen King and more

The bike scene with the non descript vans was amazeballs

I give this a solid 10/10 with 10 being the highest

Great show. Too bad they used a 1995 Falcon instead of a real vintage 1978 Falcon.

I just wish Barb survived.

I agree.  I watched it over the weekend.  Totally engrossing.  I just wish it were longer - those 8 episodes flew by too fast.

Couldn't agree more. I had read about the series prior to release and couldn't wait for it, and watched that first weekend. Loved it, and can't wait for season 2.

Stranger Things is outstanding. Best show I've seen in a while. The kids were great. 'Why won't you let me unlock my curiosity door?'


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