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2017 Medicom Toy Exhibition


space monkey:
The Medicom Toy Exhibition 2017 was 22-27 July and while the only Star Wars stuff presented were be@rbricks and the usual other things I have been keeping an eye on Instagram every few days to see if a carded Kubrick giveaway pops up. It doesn't matter how lacklustre last years was.

I was about to make a post asking is this the first year Medicom doesn't give away an exclusive to invitees, at the last second I though I'd have one more look, and I saw this:

So it's a Boba Fett be@rbrick on a card.....

An end of an era guys.

Yeah, I saw that last week.  Been a few of them sold on ebay already.  I too was pretty sad to see that BobaBe@r instead of a Kubrick figure. End of an era indeed. :(

 ;D i'm not giving up.... neverrrrr


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