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I got the Target version of the movie.  I've watched it a couple of times, and it definitely holds up well to multiple viewings.

The extras are great.  I really liked 'Kasdan on Kasdan' as well as the Directors Roundtable with the cast.  It's pretty cool to see the cast talk about making the movie with one another while sitting around the Sabacc table from the Lodge.  The Chewbacca featurette was pretty awesome, too.  Seeing Chewie exercise some serious Wookiee physicality at long last was great to see.  Joonas Suotomo really seems to get the character.  And knowing that there was actual translated dialogue written for Chewie in order for Han to play off of it was a bit of attention to detail that I appreciated.

The deleted scenes were interesting, but I understood why they got cut.  The foot chase on Corellia didn't really advance the story during that sequence.  As for Han's flight infraction and tribunal?  I liked that bit, but it seemed like it might have made the first act drag a little bit.  Too bad, because Tag and Bink were in the Tribunal scene!

Solo - A Star Wars Story got an Oscar nomination!  The movie was nominated in the Visual Effects category.

Also, check out this ABC News behind the scenes look at how the team at ILM realized the Summa-Verminoth space creature that the Millennium Falcon encountered during the Kessel Run.

Typical nomination for a Star Wars film.  It should win easily on the Kessel Run sequence.


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