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Nicklab: has posted this article today:  Exclusive: Future ‘A Star Wars Story’ Spinoffs on Hold at Lucasfilm.  The article cites "sources at Lucasfilm", stating that the only film that will be in production in the near term will be Episode 9.  No press release has been made from Lucasfilm or Disney at this time that might confirm or deny this news.

Projects in the Disney era of the Star Wars franchise have run into their fair share of troubles.  There has been turmoil in hiring writers and directors for several projects, as well as extensive reshoots that led to significant reshaping of at least two films.  There has also been extensive discussion about the release date for SOLO which was within 6 months of the release of THE LAST JEDI.  And last, but certainly not least, the box office returns for SOLO were lower than almost any previously released Star Wars film.  That last detail no doubt got the attention of higher-ups at Disney.

The rumored projects that may have been put on hold include a film centered on Obi-Wan Kenobi, and another built around Boba Fett.  There were reports of director/writers attached to those two projects, but by some accounts development work on those films has ceased.

I saw this earlier, and hope it isn’t true....or it is an exaggeration. It seems like an extreme over reaction if it is true. I really, really enjoyed Solo....and thought it was a lot of fun (and held out hope for more). I think the release date and marketing were much more to blame than disinterest or a bad quality of film. I know from the group that I work with, etc, who would be considered more “general audience” than fan base, barely knew of this movie and certainly didn’t care as much as they did about Avengers, Deadpool, Incredibles, or Jurassic World. The summer months are so crowded any more, this year in particular, maybe things just need to stay at Christmas these days. I don’t know that one month can support both Marvel and Star Wars together without box office drop off.

I don't mind if "back burner" means a little more time between releases. Probably good for the toy line. But I agree it's a knee jerk reaction to one movie.

I'm also probably going to vomit with all the self congratulating that the boycotters are doing. They all showed Disney.

If I want x to happen so I do y. When x does happen it doesn't guarantee y had anything or certainly not everything to do with it


--- Quote from: GrandMoffNick on June 20, 2018, 07:46 PM ---I'm also probably going to vomit with all the self congratulating that the boycotters are doing. They all showed Disney.
--- End quote ---

*palpatine_watching_opera.jpg* Ironic.

They do realize this also kills the Kenobi spinoff they've been demanding since Disney announced spinoffs, right?

I think this is a good move, personally. Star Wars is a hot mess right now, if the rumors going around are true. The director firings, the divisive response to TLJ, and Solo underperforming has cost Disney a lot, and they need to save the brand somehow. Otherwise Star Wars movies will lose that "big event" feel they've always had. It sort of happened with Solo, and I think Disney realizes they need to change things, fast, before the franchise loses its magical aura.

I don't mean this. I hope on my death bed I am regretting I'll miss the next Star Wars movie coming to theaters in two months. But how about Disney just says, "you wouldn't give us a swing and a miss" (though I liked TLJ), "so we're releasing Ep 9 and then taking our ball and going home". "If you won't be happy and think we've ruined the franchise then we will stop making more "terrible" films"

Because TFA, RO, TLJ, and Solo were so bad in relation to TPM, AotC, and RotS.


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