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2018 Medicom Toy Exhibition

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Finally got some time today to see what the 2018 exhibiton offered... no surprise: no Kubricks, just be@rs. 

Exhibition exclusive was a carded BB-8 Be@rbrick.

*sigh*  I miss Star Wars Kubricks.  :'(

Yeah, those little guys were the best.  No surprises, but appreciate the update.

The withdrawals of an addiction.

i never got into the Be@rbricks, crossing fingers for a kubrick return this year

So, I have a complete set of loose SW Kubricks.  I had an awesome display of them in my old house, but haven't gotten them back on the wall after five years in my new place.  I've got some other priorities, but hoping to get to it this year.  Thing is, I have just enough space for the full set, so I think as soon as I get it all set up, THAT's when Medicom will start releasing new stuff again.  I AM THE HOLD UP!


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