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Let the countdown begin.

Triple Force Friday, the latest in a tradition of Star Wars product launches, is set for October 4, Lucasfilm and Disney announced today. The event will see the debut of brand-new products inspired by three of the yearís biggest Star Wars releases, including:

- The highly anticipated, final installment of the Skywalker saga, Star Wars: Episode IX
- The first-ever Star Wars live-action series, The Mandalorian, set to debut exclusively on the upcoming streaming service, Disney+.
- The latest title from EA and Respawn ó Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ó a brand-new action-adventure game releasing holiday 2019

Products spanning categories from toys to collectibles, housewares, books, apparel, and more will go on sale beginning at 12:01 a.m. on October 4. As with past Force Friday celebrations, stores around the world will join the festivities with in-store events and midnight openings.

Stay tuned to for more on Triple Force Friday!

Jesse James:
Oh my. 

Thatís a lot to be toy boned up about.  Canít lie that the Mandalorian and the game kind of have my attention more than 9, though any TVC 9 stuff has me curious too.  Love me some midnight madness with friends but without TRU I kind of wonder how this plays out?  Locally only TRU ever had its **** together. 

Walmart was Walmart.  And Target had a fraction what TRU ever put out.  Kinda curious how this is gonna go now.


--- Quote from: Jesse James on February 15, 2019, 09:11 PM ---Locally only TRU ever had its **** together. 

--- End quote ---

Same here except for the TFA fiasco.  Still,  TRU made it a big deal: gave freebies (T-Shirt and posters) to those that came out at midnight (I guess Target had the drawing for the huge Porg, right?).  I'll miss having an "event" to go to. 

Perhaps the rumors of TRU's rebirth might come to fruition and we'll have that fun again.  Then again, TRU's big event usually meant they bought three times as much stock of wave 1 than its competitors and you'd never see later waves there...

TRU Kids might be a player in time for the Episode 9 line launch. There was the press release earlier in the week, and now thereís a Geoffrey mascot parading around the Javits Center for Toy Fair today. This might be a lot more likely to happen than the KB Toys relaunch that never got off the ground. 

Missing TRU already. Don't know where me and my buddies are going to camp out.


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