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3.75" Celebrate the Saga 5POA Multi-Packs

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Another reveal from today's Hasbro Pulse live stream:  Eight 5-packs with "the best" 5POA figures, updated with photo-real deco.

Hasbro says this is the last hurrah for the 5POA figures.  After this, the kid-focused 3.75" 5POA figures go in the vault (for now) so they can focus on 3.75" SA for collectors and other lines/expressions for kids.  (Does not include fan-focused "Retro Kenner" stuff).

The 5-Packs:
Rebel Alliance - R2, Jedi Luke, Bespin Han, Hoth Leia, Chewbacca
The Resistance - BB-8 w/Porg, Poe, Rey, Finn, C3PO
The First Order - BB-9E, Mouse Droid, Hux, Phasma, FO Stormtrooper, FO Flametrooper
Jedi Order - R7-A7, Mace, Yoda, OBi-Wan, Anakin
Galactic Republic - OOM-10, Clone, Shocktrooper, Cody, 501st
Galactic Empire - R2-Q5, Biker Scout, Snowtrooper, TIE Pilot, Squad Leader
Bounty Hunters - R5-P8, Boba, IG-88, Jango, Bossk
The Sith - TC-4, Maul, Palps, Vader, Kylo

BOLD names are new repaints, rest are repacks (with photoreal deco for humans)

So ALL the humans have new face deco?  So basically, if I'm collecting new figures, variants, repaints, and kit-bashes, I'd probably need to order all of them yeah?

Wtf is even the difference between an animated and realistic style droid??

Sculpting style... see CW Artoo or Rebels Chopper vs. all the other regular 3.75" droids.

Jesse James:
Yeah what Rob said...  the tcw figs were pretty significant...  rebels Chopper really isnít tho, oddly.


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