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The MCU post Endgame.

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Other than Spider-Man: Far From Home, which I consider an epilogue to Endgame, we have our first foray into the MCU with Wandavision.  I won't go into spoilers yet so everyone has a chance to watch it, but man there is a lot going on in just the first two episodes.

This could be one hell of a ride!

I'm not a hard core Marvel nerd like I am a Star Wars nerd, so I'm going to need one of you to explain to me all the things I missed in the first two episodes of WandaVision.

Overall I thought it was just okay, but then again I may have missed a bunch of stuff.  Saw some Stark Industries and Hydra Easter eggs, but nothing obvious enough for me to understand what is going on.

Kinda cool how they're spoofing old sitcom style shows, but that is going to wear off pretty soon if they don't get something more clever and interesting.

I haven't watched the show yet.  I only watched the "Legends" featurettes on Disney+, which were basically a giant clip reel for both Wanda and Vision.  Conceptually this show comes across as a little weird when you watch the trailers and promos.  But I got the sense that this takes place in the two years between the events of Civil War and Infinity War.

Nick, it's definitely weird....but there's a purpose behind it, at least that's the sense I get from watching.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is happening post Endgame.

Pretty sure I read that this is post Endgame as well.  One of the big mysteries is why Vision is still alive in the post Endgame era.  I haven't read up on anything from the show and Marvel is really good about keeping spoilers under wraps anyway, but here are some potential things going on from the comics.

#1 - In the comics, Wanda wields chaos magic.  Its often manifested as telekinesis or power bolts, but chaos magic is really an ability to change probabilities.  She's making really improbable things 100% probable.  It's unlikely that a glass of water would instantly appear in front of you - Wanda's power can make it happen.  If you play that out to the extremes, she can basically bend reality.  Stuff like bringing Vision back to life or immaculate conception are within the realm of those abilities, though I don't think she can create souls.  She uses the power to have twin boys in the comics even though Vision can't produce children.  I'm questioning whether that's really Vision or just a memory-based version of him based on her whims.  Anyway, she has bent reality in the comics during times of extreme stress, so losing Vision in endgame (along with Stark and earlier her brother, etc.) might have pushed her over the edge.

#2 - There is a recent storyline in the comics about a place called Pleasantville.  SHIELD gets ahold of a fragment of the cosmic cube (AKA the tesseract, AKA the Space Stone) and uses it to create a sort of jail for super criminals.  Rather than locking them up where they are focused on escape, they transform the bad guys into regular townspeople with different identities who have no idea of their actual powers.  Given a simple life in a monitored, secure town that never has any conflict, it works to keep them separated from society for a while.  There could be something similar going on where someone has locked Wanda up in old TV show reality to keep her from bending the real world.

#3 - There are a LOT of Easter Eggs on the show.  The toy she finds is painted to match Iron Man's armor and has the logo of S.W.O.R.D. on it.  SWORD is like a space defense version of SHIELD to protect against extraterrestrial threats.  (Think CIA vs. FBI) Their "Sword in a circle" logo shows up on the desk and a monitor of whoever is monitoring Wanda at the end of the first episode and I think its on the bee-keeper guy's back as well.  They could be trying to find her or they could be the ones who locked her up, but they're definitely involved with the logo showing up multiple times now. This is probably just me, but I thought Bee Keeper guy also looked a little like an A.I.M. scientist.  AIM was another bad guy group trying to harness various elements of science and magic for world domination and they were founded by...Baron Von Strucker.

#4 - There is a commercial in each episode, the first featuring Stark Industries (her parents were killed by a Stark bomb) and the second featuring Hydra, and more specifically Strucker (The briefly seen bad guy who experimented on Wanda and Quicksilver in Age of Ultron and founder of AIM).  Those could be red herrings or just aspects of Wanda's imagination or sources of pain from her past.  Or either of those groups could be applying tech/magic to keep Wanda imprisoned. 

#5 - All the numbers in the show map to significant numbers like comic book issues.  I didn't catch these at first, but saw a video highlighting some of them.  Their house number 2800 could refer to Earth 2800, an alternate reality in the comics where the Avengers formed a little differently (more like the movies).  The last 4 digits of the phone number on the for-sale-sign of the house they're moving into are 0125.  Issue #125 of the Avengers is when they battle Thanos.  The time on the Hydra watch is 2:42 - issue 242 is where Vision's body is repaired and he is reunited with Wanda.  That comic is also a lead into the original Secret Wars, where an entity known as the Beyonder teleports a number of Marvel heroes and villains to a place called Battleworld to see who will win.  The Beyonder is an Alien (time to call SWORD) and has reality altering powers (so would want to keep Wanda in check).  Heck, even the dinner date on the 23rd matches the number of Marvel Movies that precede WandaVision.  Clearly a lot of though went into creating hints and easter eggs that will hopefully pay off as the show unfolds.

#6 - The neighbor, Agnes, is likely a witch name Agatha Harkness.  In the comics, Auntie Agatha is a mentor to the Scarlet Witch and teaches her to user her powers.  She's sometimes helpful and sometimes a villain, so not sure how they're going to use her.  She does have a cackle like a witch in one of the previews.  In the comics, she wipes the knowledge of Wanda's kids from her mind to keep her from going insane about losing them.  She might be the one controlling the TV reality or helping keep Wanda trapped, even as she mentor's Wanda about how to navigate Westview.

I've even considered that this isn't Wanda's doing, but Vision's.  He was the one carrying around the Mind Stone.  Did the destruction of the Mind Stone cause a pocket reality where Vision is still alive?  Maybe Wanda went looking for him and Vision/It is blocking her memories because it doesn't want to let her go.  Cap would have returned the Mind Stone to the Hydra elevator guys, right?  Did they catch on that something wasn't right and use it to muck things up?  So many different possibilities.


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