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Acrylic Stands for Hasbro Vehicles

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As I'm working on getting more of my collection displayed, I'm beginning to look at acrylic stands for that floating vehicle effect.  Hasbro is finally getting on board with this concept in the most recent release of Slave I, and they're also including a similar kind of stand for the upcoming Razor Crest Haslab release.

Is anyone using these for their vehicles?  Do you recommend any particular ones?  I found this particular site:

Feedback on them would be appreciated, and I'd also like to see some other possible options.

Those look pretty cool.

I was thinking of getting something along these lines so I can display more figures beneath some of the ships.

Those look cool.  I remember over on the otheRSite they were pimping some stands that looks more poseable.

I went and checked and the link to those is dead, but I found a new on here, although I'm not 100% sure I'd trust that.

Thanks, Matt.  I seem to recall seeing that one at some point.  They only have the one style in stock.  I'm thinking that reaching out to them before placing an order might be the way to go.  $15 per stand isn't terrible.

Glad I could help Nick!  You might want to check out any hobby shops in your area as well.  Might be able to find something there.


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