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Four figures announced to kick off this line. 

- BF2 Heavy Battle Droid (repaint of TVC sculpt w/new weapons)
- JFO Electrostaff Purge Trooper (kitbash - old sculpt with new parts)
- TFU Shadow Stormtrooper (repaint)
- JFO Scout Trooper (kitbash - old sculpt with new parts)

Pre-orders up later today at 5pm ET.

So Fan Channel. I always forget what this means. These aren't GS only. Amazon, EE, etc?

I haven't been able to follow along today, but I just went to EE and ordered:

1 Gaming Greats Battle Droid
2 Gaming Greats Shadow Stormtroopers
1 Gaming Greats Royal Guard
1 Gaming Greats Shock Scout Trooper
2 Gaming Greats Purge Troopers
1 TVC Hoth Luke
1 TVC Endor Han

And with shipping it was $159

That feels like a **** of a lot for 9 action figures and I really hope I can order these elsewhere for $12.99 with free shipping and cancel all of this.

I got most of these from HasbroPulse, but wasn't able to find the Purge Trooper.

I ended up getting the Purge Trooper off of Entertainment Earth.  Odd that a lot of these were limited to one per customer on Hasbro Pulse.


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