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--- Quote from: Nicklab on May 25, 2022, 12:03 PM ---I got a shipping notification from EE for the Umbra Operative ARC Trooper.  But the Lambent Seeker ARC Trooper is still pending.

And I've seen no indication that the BBTS exclusive ARC Trooper is shipping soon.

--- End quote ---

Ditto for me - Umbra shipped, no movement on the other two yet.

That box just got here, only the Umbra Operative was in it.  So same story as you guys, but I thought I got charged for both... I'll have to go check.

I guess after all of the times I have complained and used their "mint condition guarantee" I must be at the absolute bottom of the list for items shipping out - I am pretty sure I ordered the Umbra Operative and Lambent Seeker figures on the day preorders opened up and my order is still showing as "Coming in July 2022"  >:(

I just checked, EE did send two boxes.  The second one is supposed to get here on June 7.

Got my Umbra ARC guy today.  Popped over to check EE and my Lambent Seeker ARC guy says due August 2022.  BBTS still says my BFII ARC guy is due June 2022.


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