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--- Quote from: Jeff on June  2, 2022, 12:31 PM ---Popped over to check EE and my Lambent Seeker ARC guy says due August 2022.
--- End quote ---

Just got a shipping notice for my Lambent Seeker ARC.  Hooray for stuff arriving sooner than expected (even though it's still later than it was supposed to be :P).

Mine got here four or five days ago.

At the end of the day itís just a repainted ARC Trooper, so in my mine thereís nothing too exciting to report.

Just got an email from BBTS about the last ARC Trooper in the Red... apparently it's arrived and is shipping soon.

It looks like EE is processing my order for the Gaming Greats Lando and Shae Vizsla.  Curious to see both of these in person.

I got my Lando from EE today. Makes me happy anytime I get something Donald Glover related.


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