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Pulse says my Shae Viszla is coming soon, nothing on the others (Lando, TFU Stormie, Heavy Stormie) yet though.

Yup, I got that email too. I was a bit surprised. I had just looked at knocker the other day and it it sadi expected in October.

More action on the Gaming Greats front.  I checked my EE account and found that the Stormtrooper Commander from TFU is now processing.  But I didn't see any indication that the Heavy Assault Stormtrooper from Jedi - Fallen Order is processing yet.

Got my Shae Vizla from Pulse yesterday and the resculpted head is a HUGE improvement over the original. I have seen a lotta folks use it on the TBS Mara Jade. It gives me hope Hasbro will make a smart call and give Mara the same treatment. Would love to see her on a TVC card.

CC got hit last night for the Gaming Greats Stormtroopers from Hasbro Pulse - Heavy Assault and TFU Commander.  Happy to have new stuff flowing into the collection at a more regular pace these days.


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