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Jeff posted this info in the vintage section as well, but there are also three all new 6" figures coming as part of this.

- ARC Trooper
- Mace Windu
- General Grievous

Its interesting that they're making three all new sculpts here while the Vintage versions are just repacks.  While I'll always take new figures, I'd sure rather have something more current from Rogue One, Solo, TROS, etc.

If they keep this going I sure hope they make a Yoda, and ideally a deluxe figure of Yoda on Kybuck.

I'm genuinely curious to see how the Tartakovsky look for Grievous gets translated into this Black Series release.  Because his look in this incarnation of the Clone Wars was a significant departure from live action as well as the 2008 series.

I'd be happy if they just upscaled the 3.75" version they brought out years ago.

There's no way they DON'T do repacks/repaints. Grievous is totally going to be a repack of the D1 figure, just with a white paintjob and white cape (and probably a $40 MSRP)

And when will the 30 second window for preordering these figures begin? During tomorrow’s big “Walmart Collector Con”?


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