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2022 Droid Factory B2-EMO from Star Wars Andor

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Now available on Shop Disney - B2EMO from ANDOR.

NOTE:  If you make a purchase totaling over $75 use the promo code SHIPMAGIC for free shipping.

B2EMO Droid Factory Figure Star Wars: Andor - $12.99

I don't know why, but this figure and character is really speaking to me, so I bought one even on top of all my rhetoric how the figures are getting too expensive.

$12.99 for an accessory sized figure is high. Over $20 shipped is really high. But FOMO prevailed today and this Droid Factory announcement made me fear he won't show up in TVC at all, so I will bite before it becomes "hard to find" and even more expensive.

I ordered this guy, but he seems to be gone from the Shop Disney site.  Sold out?  Or, maybe he wasn't supposed to be put up yet?

I ordered two of these.  But it was mostly to get me over the $75 threshold for free shipping with two of these, the Halloween 4-pack and the R7 unit.  I basically got one figure for free.


--- Quote from: Rob on August 15, 2022, 11:01 AM ---Or, maybe he wasn't supposed to be put up yet?
--- End quote ---

Yeah - they may have meant to activate the Halloween droids and accidentally added this as well.  I know Hasbro is holding pre-orders for the Andor stuff (TVC, Black Series, Role Play) until later this Fall; likely as part of one of those long drawn out weekly slow drip pre-order reveals like they did for Mano, TBOBF, and OWK.


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