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Thomas Grey:
Seeing as I stooped collecting the vintage as a youngster and did not pick up the bug again until the Episode 1 era, I missed the Modern Power of the Force entirely until I started working my way back after the EP1 craze died down a bit. I am curious about how one used the COMMTech chips that came with the Modern POTF until they release the COMMTech chip reader with the EP1 figures? Was it a short enough wait that it did not matter, or was it something that frustrated collectors until it's release?

Jesse James:
I don't think any POTF2 came out wiith CT chips till after the E1 blitz with the reader...  So no wait, no worries...  :)  Sucked anyway.

Force Guy:
Commtech chips made an appearance with the launch of the Episode 1 line.  The Commtech reader came out at the same time as Episode 1 figures, so there was no delay.  The last few waves of POTF2 came with Commtech chips, but that was well after Episode 1 figs.    

The POTF2 series that came out just before the release of EPISODE I was the Flashback series.  This consisted of Luke Skywalker with floppy hat, R2-D2 with launching saber, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbaca-Hoth, Princess Leia-Ceremonial Gown, C-3PO from the Jundland Wastes, Aunt Beru, and Anakin Skywalker.  You'll recall that these had the flashback cards that showed the characters as they would appear in the prequels, or it would picture a predecessor.

The POTF2 CommTech series was the next POTF2 line, and it coincided with the release of the EPISODE I line.  If my memory serves me right, the first CommTech wave, with Han, Luke, Greedo and the Jawa with Power Droid came out a few months after EPISODE I launched.  I think all in all there were about 3 waves of POTF2 CommTech figures.

I guess it can be kind of confusing since the EPISODE I line was so big, and the POTF2 Commtech line seemed almost like an afterthought.  Anyhow, the chips made for good stands, and some of them sounded decent, but most didn't.

Thomas Grey:
I think the only place that I saw any non-EP1 COMMTechs was Toys 'R' Us and they were on close out with many other remnants of the late Modern POTF waves. Got my first Chewie (of the modern era) there (Hoth Flashback)! Anyway, I just wasn't all that aware then and I appreciate the responses.


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