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(Do you like that title?  "What's spinning?"  I thought that sounded at least somewhat original--I mean, GH has the "What are you listening to?" thread, and there's a "What's in your CD player?" thread at R-------m, and I think there might have even been one here before, too.  But what the hell.)

Now playing:  Aimee Mann, "Calling It Quits", from Bachelor No. 2.  Good stuff.

Any recent purchases worth noting?  Anything good coming up?

Are you like me?  Do you like the rock n' roll?  Yuh. . .  yuh got any gum?

I've been listening to the usual dose of the Wiggles...

Hoop Dee Doo is in heavy rotation

Also making the adult rounds when I get the chance is the latest Natalie Merchant CD

She released this on her own, not sure how it is doing but it is some great stuff, her voice mezmerizes me for some reason

I've got Rammstein in the player now-   gotta get moving in the morning

Mikey D:
Finally got around to buying Jane' Addiction Strays and its been in constant rotation in my truck along with REM's Greatest Hits.

Got in Jimmy Page live w/ The Black Crowes  "Live at the Greek". 2 discs full of Zep Classics.   Also got in Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance.  One of the best and most underatted metal albums ever.  As far as new stuff, nothing has interested me in some time.


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