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This is my list of LEGO sets that I got from the 2003 Line:

1. Jabba's Palace
2. Jabba's Front Door
3. Han Solo in Carbonite Area
4. T-16 Skyhopper
5. Geonosian Fighter

I have all of those.  Want to get the AT-TE though, but haven't seen that anywhere.

I picked up all 3 Jabba's Palace sets, the Tie Bomber, the T-16 Skyhopper, and all 4 mini-line sets - basically everything from the O.T., but no Prequel Legos for me.

Plenty of AT-TE's around here Chris, if you want me to throw one in with the ST figures that I hope to finish off this weekend for ya'.  Just LMK...

saw them in stores  yesterday... to overpriced !

Darth Wolf:
I've got the AT-TE....awesome!!!!!!
Can't wait for teh AT-AT to come out.

only problem the AT-TE is not to scale w/ the Gunship.  oh well still happy, can't complain!


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