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what do ypu think of this new AT-AT walker with two exclusive figures ;D

Darth Kenobi:
WHen I first started collecting SW it was close to the time of the great clearances and I had the chance to get an At-At for around $30 or something less.  I ended up passing on it to get someother stuff and thinking I will get it another time but by the time I went back they were all gone.  I ended up getting an AT AT at a garge sale for $10 without the figures.  
I like the AT AT and hope that one day Hasblow gets around to make an AT TE.    

POTF2 AT-AT rocks!

Didn't this one have some electronic darth holograph or something ?

Yes, there is a little display inside that has a display and some buttons that make the display light up and some recorded phrases from ESB play when you press them.  It takes a good chunk of the troop carrying capability out of the "hold" but it's still a pretty cool feature.


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