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It rocks.  All 4 of mine are very happy in my home.

We need the AT-TE too...



--- Quote from: CHEWIE on April 28, 2005, 08:12 PM ---It rocks. All 4 of mine are very happy in my home.
--- End quote ---

4?  Holy hell!  I still don't even have one.  Although, that's probably because it was released while I was still in university.  I couldn't even afford basic figures then, much less the AT-AT.


I think I saw a guy selling one in the box at C3 for $150US.  I'm not sure what the going price is these days, but that was way too rich for my blood.   :'(

Yeah, you should be able to find a boxed one for around $80-$100 US.  Or loose one ebay...


I managed to get two from KB during the massive purge in 2000.

I got one for $30, then a month or two later I got another for $40. Still a couple of my most favorite pieces in my entire collection, but I don't think I'm going to start army building with vehicles or anything.

You are going to hate me for this.  But I picked up two on clearance at KB.  At the time it was buy one item and receive the second for 1 cent.   AT-ATs were clearanced for $10.  So two for $10. 


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