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Teemto Pagalies!

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Angry Ewok:
Pro's -
Perfect likeness, Cool pack-in! The fact we've got another Pod Racer.

Basically no articulation.


Movie Accuracy : 9/10
Hasbro did a good job on Teemto as far as making him accurate. He even has removable goggles. I'm over-all happy with it.

Articulation : 4/10
Just the standard articulation, 5 points total. I wish the knees and elbows were articulated, that'd make it perfect, but nope.

Pose-ablility : 2/10
He can stand there and smile, with or without goggles. That's about all there is to it.

Customizer's Factor : None

Boba Binks:
I really like this figure. Not just another Pod Racer but a cool alien that you got to interact wtih in the PS E1 game.
I am glad they made him. He is my favorite Pod Racer.

Angry Ewok:
My favorite is probably Ody, but he's already got a figure so I'd really like to see a new Gasgano and a Mohawnic (sp).

I'd buy a Mawhonic figure in a second. You can never have too many Gran. :)

I kind of liked Teemto. OK you can't really move him or he overbalances (well mine does) and the Pod collectors arms are a little too weak. But overall he (or more to the point, his accessory) has great playability. Any figure with shades is cool with me, and tails are cool.

Does anyone know why he has the scars?


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