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Thomas Grey:
I can't really verify whether they were more 'common' in the Sam's 3-Packs or not. They just aren't all that 'common' period. The one's that I have seen are regular carded and red/orange more often. The Darth Vader micro appears again with the Freeze Frame figure too. The micro saber can be found (rarely) carded with all the saber wielding dudes on red/orange cards except the 'jedi' Luke figure (which can be found with one on a green card). They pop up on most saber wielding fellas on green card too from time to time. The only other micro saber in POTF2 I've heard of is the Obi-Wan Freeze frame. Definitely a nice grab DSJ!

Woo Hoo. Thanks Thomas. Messa a Happy Camper.


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