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When i got into collecting around 95 it was one of the firsrt ones i got. I didnt realize i had it until about 98.I was in need of money at the time and took it to a dealer in pensacola, fl. He is the largest dealer in town and he tried to tell me it was a fake, he then asked me how much i would want for it even tho it was a "fake". I basically laughed in his face. I walked out the door and refused to ever return.     ;D

Now I'll have to go getmy boxes out of storage :o


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--- Quote from: RJP on March  5, 2003, 06:50 PM ---Are all the short sabers/long trays worth more money? I have one but can't remember which one. ???

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Most definitely.  The Obi-Wans are the rarest of the bunch and have gone for upwards of $1,500 to $2,000!  Not sure what the Vader's are going for though.  I remember seeing one of the transition Vaders at a TRU a long time ago, and passing on it - not being at all into the variations gig way back then.  Big mistake...

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now how is that a big mistake? If you didn't want it, you didn't want it. I wouldn't slap your own wrist just cause you didn't get something for your collection that you didn't want at the time, but now you wish you had cause it's worth OHHH sooo MUCH money (and remember, only worth that much to someone who wants to pay that much).  ;D

Well, maybe I didn't exactly explain myself too well there, but the "big mistake" comment wasn't really about the value of that figure really.  I'm actually the last person in the world who would ever give a rat's a$s about the value of anything in my collection.  That's the last thing that's ever on my mind when I collect stuff.

But as a completist, who has evolved since the early days in '95/'96 into someone who also likes to grab most of the major variants which I now consider these SS/LT figures to be, I'm just pretty bummed that I passed on that Vader now that I look back on it.  Especially since it's a tough one to track down now, and would cost me a bit more than $5 to pick up if I did come across one.  I guess I brought up that Obi-Wan SS/LT because I just recently saw it being discussed on another board, and was shocked/appalled at how high the thing was going for on the secondary market.   :o

Therefore, the current value does have some bearing I guess, 'cause that's what I would have to PAY now to get one.  But if I had bought it long ago for $5, I would care less about what it would be worth now, but I'd be excited to have one of the tougher to find variations in my collection...   :)

For example, I was lucky enough to snag a couple Toy Fair Vaders from the Fan Club at cost (1 to open, 1 to keep carded).  I'm quite happy to have gotten this tough piece for cost, and I'm thrilled to have it because it keeps my collection "complete".  But I could absolutely care less about what it's worth, though it's probably the most "valuable" item that I have in the 4" line...  But that doesn't matter to me, I'm just happy to have him!

Value to me doesn't matter at all.  But having EVERYTHING does!   ;)

Thomas Grey:
Sorry I haven't picked up on this sooner...

on short saber/short tray (transition tray) Red/Orange carded figures...

- Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (as JMAC pointed out) is the most rare and highest in value.
- Darth Vader averages $50 or so.
- Luke (Tatooine) is the next most rare and gets in the $700 range usually ($400 at Brianstoys).
- Luke (Dagobah) is actually quite common $25 on average ($13 at Brianstoys)
- Luke X-Wing is about the same as the Dagobah Luke.

I am working on the Red/Orange cards now and do not yet own any of the transition tray figure (alas).

There is an Italian Red Carded Luke Tatooine ss/st and it goes about the same as a US carded ss/st.

UK Kenner Red carded Luke's are also about the same as US carded and they also have a longsaber.

The Canadian carded Luke (ss/st) goes for a little more because it has a stand-up bubble.

Don't know what else to add, except that Brianstoys actually has pretty fair prices on some of the transition tray figures. I would not doubt you could shop around and find even better deals elsewhere. Ben and regular Luke transitions will always be expensive and rare, so for those you will always have to put down some coin to get what you need.


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