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Anyone read the Dune books?  I'm just about wrapped up with book 3 of the 6 part series

Dune Messiah
Children of Dune
God Emperor of Dune
Heretics of Dune
Chapterhouse Dune

What strikes me about them though is how much of the Original Trilogy is similar in many, many ways.  In fact when Frank Herbert first saw Star Wars, he actually considered suing George Lucas but in the end didn't because of all what Star Wars did for Sci Fi in general.  His biggest beef is that there was work being done on a Dune movie at the same time and it took until 1984 to get it out.  SW is a lot different than Dune and Lucas has admitted to borrowing from many,many sources (Kurosawa, Wizard of Oz, Flash Gorfon etc) but of all of those, the Dune stuff is the stuff that stands out the most and I rarely hear that.

I won't go much further than that if nobody has read any of the books because I want to discuss that further.  If not...Dune is one of the greatest works of Sci Fi on the planet.  Instead of reading the latest EU Star Wars dreck, I suggest you at least give the first book a whirl

Jesse James:
My brother was into Dune when we were younger...  I just didn't dig it as much.  I'm not a huge reader unless it's text's for schoolwork.  It's possibly because I'm IN school that I just don't do much reading lately though too...  I've got too much other things to get done, ya know?

May have to check it out when free time's more within my grasp...  Dune looks like a lot to get into though.  Like jumping into reading LOTR. :)

I've read the first one.  The films were ok including the mini series stuff sci-fi has done.  But have not read all the books so I can not judge by just the first one.  :-X

I know the thing about being in school and not being able to read.  I couldn't touch a leisure book for a while even after school was done. 

The First Lynch Dune was not as bad as its been panned through the years.  The Sci-Fi Movies Dune and Children of Dune are both actually pretty good with the exception of the semi hokey effects they have

Jesse James:
I've never watched the movie...  That actually was what got my brother into the series.  Is it worth a look to entice one to it?

I took, seriously, a Lord of the Rings class this upcoming semester...  I kid you not.  Finally leisure reading with a visual end-result too. :)


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