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Thomas Grey:
We will be updating, revising and basically revamping all our variation/error lists very soon. I have done my best to include any and all errors I can verify with 2 or more sources. We threw the current lists up quickly to coincide with the opening of I was a rookie list writer and there are a lot of things I learned and have corrected on the lists I am currently revamping. Basically, I compiled all the lists and didn't document any sources, so I am being more thorough and rechecking and documenting the sources to insure that we post legitimate and correct data for you the fans. I am not saying our current lists are false, they are just raw and unpolished.

With that said...

there are quite a few sites out there that have lists and no real back-up or photo references, so you have to take them at their word. I would be a traitor if I directed you, so I invite you to search for yourself and see what you can dig up. I also invite anyone to submit any errors they have with visual proof to me and help us continue to update and keep our lists fresh and unique. I recently (yesterday) had a person email me 850+ verifyable variations and errors from all Star Wars releases. These are from his personal collection and can all be verified with visual proof. I've been scouring the galaxy for good guys like him. He is letting us use any we have on our lists as an act of charity and to share his love and passion for the variation/error collectible. I will reveal his name as soon as I have gone through them and added them. It is a major pot of gold I have been long awaiting!

As far as prototypes or test run figures go versus the miscarded figure...

I would say that it is a little more well known if a prototype/test run carded figure exists because they create a few more than the average error usually will have. I'll see if I can dig up the major test run/prototype figures from POTF2 and post them soon!

Does any one have slide card comes with wrong slide?I have one.Please see photo:

It is a Luke Bespin w/Endor Rebel Soldier slide.
Unforunately it is in Canadian card,otherwise
it should be worth much more.

Thomas Grey:
As I continue to update, reformat, edit and finalize the 'new' potf the sequel lists, I have come across many figures with the wrong slide packaged along with them. In these cases, it's not a matter of worth or value... It's a matter of how cool it is to you or the owner of such a rare and cool item. Canadian or U. S. won't make better or worse. Be glad you have something like this. It also might make someone you trade with happy .

The one's that have been given attention in terms of slide errors or variation are:

Boba Fett - the slide with 'imprisoned' misspelled as 'imprisioned'


R2-D2 (datalink, periscope) - 'Imperial Trash Compactor' written on slide frame rather than 'Death Star Trash Compactor'

Beyond that, slide errors are cool to have and I would assume there are collectors out there that hunt for, collect and treasure these unique figure mishaps.


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