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Thomas Grey:
yeah all good ones,
and sabers, and photo changes (Ben Kenobi head shot and full figure)...

Pondo has early gray beard variations

open and closed hand variations on Han Solo Hoth and Tusken Raider

Lot's of type changes

The one I like quite a bit is the Flash Back Princess Leia. There are 2 card back photo variations of Amidala. One is decisively rarer and I'll post the specifics soon...

Thomas Grey:
The one I like quite a bit is the Flash Back Princess Leia.
There are 2 card back photo variations of Amidala.

The first has her in the celebration gown and is the incorrect variation.

The correct variation is the photo of her in freedom fighter gear.

Would you class the 'shadows' Vader on a green holo card, a variant?
I don't know how to class it as it is not a variant of the original, it's a different figure altogether ???
R5 D4 had alot of variants between straight and L latches on all the different cards.

I don't go in for these usually, but if I know of a variation (it has to be on the figure as I am an opener) beforehand I will try to look for it, like bloody stump Luke. I would not buy 4 Lukes for the variations. I am having enough trouble trying to get one of each let alone multiples.

Thomas Grey:
The 'SOTE' pose Vader is a variation of a Collection 3 Darth Vader. It has the same Asst. # 69802 and that number is specific to the figure. While there are many things that make it different than any other Darth Vader released on a green card, it is still a variation and not classified as a different figure.

There are plenty of R5-D4 variations. The latch and also the warning (none, sticker and printed) make for some interesting combinations.

The packaging variations really do not come into play for the collector that 'opens' and displays their collection without the cards and bubbles. I do understand having the difficult challenge of trying to have one of each figure and the variations if they are directly associated with the actual figure. I am working on finishing up my 'POTF2 Red/Orange Carded Collection' and all the open and closed hands, sabers, etc... are giving me a run for the money. It does make it more gratifying to find a figure you need and at a price that is within reason. Good luck and good posts!

I have that version of Vader. I beleive that EE are still selling them. Anyway the version I have has an almost clear saber.

 But as far as the POTF2 line goes has anyone been compiling a list of errors? I know that there are a few people buying up any error they can find. Miscarded wrong stickers and so forth.

 I have another question or thought rather. Reguarding the miscarded figs. Are they all really miscarded or are some inhouse samples. prototype packaging perhaps? How would you really know unless you knew the source?


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