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Thomas Grey:
We all know they are out there...

Share what unofficial or bootleg figures you have, like or even want in your collection.

I personally do not own any, but the most interesting one's I've seen that I can't figure out are a Red Carded Boba Fett with the figure being all silver and a Green carded Jawa 2-pack the same. They were on authentic cards and they looked damn good for a bootleg job. I wasn't about to pay $100 for both, but the dealer wanted what they paid... Still haven't heard or seen anything that is close to them or that others exist.

Can anyone help me out with some info on these two scouts.Where did they originate from and what year were they probably released? Were they found at retail overseas or are these type of figures something you would probably find at a fleamarket type thing? I have alot to learn about bootlegs so any insight would be most welcome.

Ask & you shall receive.  ;)  Check this link out.
Star Wars Deluxe Bootlegs

Heres the main page to Bootlegs.
The Bootleg Toys Links

Best site around that I have seen on Bootlegs for various action figures. Hope it helps you out.   :)

Jango Fettish:
Hey Mike, I think the guy you need to speak to is John J. Alvarez at RS. He's their resident B.S. freak.

He'd know for SURE.

Thanks guys.Thats a great start with the links.The Tie Fighter Pilot with speeder beats anything I have ever seen. ;D

I totally forgot about John.He is the guru about these things.I'll drop him some mail and see what he says.


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