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Largest Star Wars Collection Ever.

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Check this out. A very large collection up for grab's in one shot.

This guy has 8 12" Luke & Wampa's & 5 12" Han Tauntaun's.
Not to menton the various hoards of other figures.
He has pictures of the items & a link you can click on to see the list.

I would hate to see the shipping cost for this auction.  ;D

I saw this earlier today, and I couldn't believe how much crap this guy had up for auction.  I just drooled over all those pictures...

WOW!!! 6,200.00 didn't even meet reserve. I wish I had that kind of money to spend on toys. ;D

What would you do with all the duplicate stuff?
You would be tradin' for ever.
It would be a good purchase if you had just started. Almost all the POTF2 line in one foul swoop.
Browsing the list, I personally would only be interested in about 10 items.

I think I'd have to call that guy a scalper.


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