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Zam Wessell:
Toys 'R has the Star Wars Co-Pack #1
by LEGO Systems, Inc on sale for those interested.

 List Price:   $59.98  
Price:   $17.97  
You Save:   $42.01 (70%)  

It includes: The gungan sub and the Naboo Swamp

That's an awesome deal!  Too bad I already have both of them though.  Still, a great find Zam!

that is a great deal, and two cool sets.  the gungan sub gets so much beef, and I gave it too. It was one of the last sets i bought, and turned out to be one of the most fun to put together! i think it is neat. If anyone needs these two sets, pick them up at this price!!!  :o

Put in my order for it today.

Thanks for the heads up

you'll like it. The two sets look good beside each other! :P


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