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What did you decide on Dave?  My daughter has some Lego friends sets that we put into storage.  We have disassembled them in the past, but then its so time consuming rebuilding them later on.  We opted to store them mostly completed in big storage tubs.  Keeps the dust off, and still doesn't take all that much space.  Plus you can kind of see what sets are there without having to sift through pieces or look through all the directions.

I ended up with the half assed approach.

If the sets are small enough I just placed them fully built in to a ziploc bag.  If they were larger sets I disassembled them only enough to jam them in to large gallon ziploc bags.

Once bagged I place them in to larger boxes with their instructions, and inventory the full boxes so I can find the sets later if necessary.

With the sets the kid's played with I've found that there are some missing pieces I just can't track down.  So I've created a list and at some point will try and make a bulk order off of to complete the sets.


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