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Photonovels and Movies / =Shaddows Dawn #1= Predator & Prey
« on: May 19, 2007, 10:24 PM »
A Darktimes Story

      Dark Days grip the Galaxy. The once joyful cheers pf a victorius Republic have been silenced. Replaced by whispers and fears of the unknown, and a newly risen Empire.

     The Jedi, once great protectors and peace keepers of the Republic have been cast out as traitors, blammed for the CloneWars. Some Jedi have accepted the fall of the Order as the will of the force and broke all ties to the Jedi, seeking ordinary lives. Others have gone into exile, meditating on the darkness that now holds power, waiting for the time when the Jedi may rise again. Still others roam the galaxy, organizing Anti-Imperial groups, seeking away to strike back at the Empire and surplant the new Emperor, a Sith Lord.

     Rumors abound of the invasion of Kashyykk and the enslavment of the Wookies, the battles of New Plympto and the massacre of the Nosaurians. Common sentients live in fear. For others however, it is a time of prosparity and wealth. Boutny Hunters collect on Jedi fugitives, Rebel factions and anyone else the Empire deems dangerous to it's rule. Mercenaries and Henchmen hire on with wealthy Crime Lords and Business Sentients looking to protect thier assets. The spice and illegal weapons market is more than any Smuggler can handle.

     In the new Empire the innocent are made to suffer, the wicked flourish and ther are infinant possibilities for both good and evil.....


Planet Gendorn, on the busy City walk of Zariiu, many sentients carry on with normal lives.

But for some, daily life is full of paranoia, fear and violence.

Every step they take mabey thier last.....

The "Mad Claw" Lounge and Cantina, a favorite watering hole of Citizens, Bounty Hunters and every other walk of life in Zariiu.

Usually a place for Sentients to get a drink and ease thier troubles.

But one Sentient, a viscious deveronian Bounty Hunter named Travillar, has just one thing on his mind today.

Travillar eyes another customer as he makes his way to his informant, "I have appointment, you'd be smart to go get drink now".

The shady Quermian looks to Travillar and shows a bit of fake hospitality, "Good day fellow Sentient, what can i do for you? Are in need of directions?"

Travillar growls back "Only one thing I seek from you, information....."

The quermian cuts the pleasantries as he asks what the Deveronians business is, "I know who you are and what you seek. But my services are no small matter, are you sure your funded well enough to use them?"

Agitated, Travillar replies "More than enough for your kind, 10,000 creds will cover, yesss?"

"That should be sufficent." Says the Quermian.

Travillars eyes narrow, "Now tell me, where can I find Jedi?"

To Travillars twisted delight, the Quermian informant simply raises his hand and points to another patron in the Cantina.

Travillar approaches the young Aqualish which the Quermian pointed out cautiously, "You are new face here, yesss? Mabey then you can help me with problem...."

The Aqualish looks up, unflinching, "I am not familiar with this place, but i will help if i can."

"I am looking for someone that carries unique item."

"What item might that be?" the young Aqualish replies.

Travillars, lip twitches "Your laser sword......"

A sharp hum and the scent of burnt ozone is prevelant as the Lightsaber ignites about the same time that Travillar swings open his cloak to reveal his cybernetic arms brimming with fire power, " AAAAAHHHHHH!"

The young Aqualish jedi is no fool and quickly decides this is a fight he can't win with so many other Bounty Hunters and low-lifes present, who might capitalize on the situation.

With a blinding Force assisted leap, the Jedi flips clear of the Bounty Hunters line of fire.

In a fit of rage that his prey might escape, Travillar fires wildly trying to keep the Jedi in his sights. But the Jedi is far to quick and Travillar riddles the cieling and walls will blaster holes.

With the force as his allie, by the time his feet hit the floor, the Aqualish jedi is already heading out of the Cantina.


Travillar tears through the other Cantina patrons after his bounty, knocking over several innocent bystanders on his way.

Knowing full well he can't match the Jedi's speed, Travillar levels his blaster and takes precise aim.

He fires a fully charged blaster bolt into the Jedi's back.

Through the force, the Jedi feels the Blaster bolt coming, but there is little even a Jedi can do to deflect such a powerful blaster bolt from behind. The Aqualish drops to the Cantina floor as the blast tears through his right side.

As he heads for the downed Jedi, a seemingly unthreatening Quarren bystander blindsides the Deveronian Bounty Hunter and draws a blaster on the crowd of others that might take the Jedi bounty.

The Quarren waves his blaster at all the would-be Bounty hunters. "No one move, this Jedi is mine and I'm taking him, anyone follows, and my blaster barrell will be the last thing you ever see!"

A group of Iktochi mercenaries, blasters drawn, stare down the Quarren as he lifts the barely concious Jedi to his feet and Travillar struggles to climb to his hands and knees just in time to watch his bounty slip away.

The Quarren backs out of the Cantina slowly with the Jedi, leaving a scene of disaray and angry Bounty Hunters wondering where he will take the Jedi and if they could possibly head him off and collect the bounty thierselves.................

[size=18]=TO BE CONTINUED=[/size]

This is my first dio-story wiht effects, I a begginger with that. I also had some back and forths about how to do the dialog and tell the story. But I hope you enjoyed it and I could definetley use some feedback, suggestions and comments on what to improve, no matter how big or small they mey be. thanks!

Photonovels and Movies / =Just a test shot=
« on: April 20, 2007, 12:24 AM »
hey guys, i have been wanting to do a Pn for ever. i did a small one in 05', but it didn't have any effects. this is my first attempt at effects and i was hoping for some opinions and advice. as far effects go in this test shot i did some smoke in the air, smoldering blast holes on the droids, ambient lighting and a sun glare. i'd love to hear what you guys think, thanks alot! :)

Modern Classifieds / starwars empire at war pcgame 4sale!
« on: August 16, 2006, 02:15 AM »
hey, i bought "empire at war" the pc game and my computer is a wuss and won't support it, so i'd like to trade or sell it. i bought it new from target and opened it at hime, put the first disc in the tray, couldn't play it and put it back in the case. this game is brand new never been played and is in excellent condition. if i could i'd like to trade it for a couple votc stormtroopers or i can just sell it if you prefer, $40 shipped, thanks! :)

i'am also open to trade offers so, if you have one pm me, thanks!

Star Wars Universe / luke skywalkers death?
« on: July 17, 2006, 01:44 PM »
does anyone know how and when luke skywalker dies? i've been reading the legacy comics and it occurs to me that that is a huge jump into the future. i don;t know how i missed it, but does anybody know what book or comic this happened in or why they jumped so far into the future with this legacy series? i sort of thought that some body like luke dying in a book or comic would generate quit a buzz, i checked wookiepedia already and i'm not aware of any comic or book, unless of course i just completely missed it like i said! thanks a bunch for any help.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / custom cards???
« on: July 7, 2006, 11:39 PM »
hey, i was just wondering if anybody out there does commisions on good quality custom card backs? thanks.

Star Wars Action Figures / master tholme's robes?
« on: July 5, 2006, 09:40 PM »
hey, hope everyone is good. i'm trying to do a master tholme custom, and from all the pics i've seen i still haven't been able to tell what color tholmes robes are. sometimes they look dark brown, sometimes grey and other times green. i'm not really sure which, what do you guys think? thanks!

i'm in the midst of doing a clone wars a'sharrad hett custom and all my comics are packed up in new york, so i was wondering if any one out there has some good reference pics of him. i'm loking for pics of him with and without sleeves, a close up of his face tat's and the coloring of his jedi garbs. i really appriciate it, thanks in advance!

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've posted anything. I just returned from over seas and most of my stuff is still packed away in New York, but I'm in California now and have put together a small collection to get me by until I get the rest of my stuff. Most of the pics in my old thread are gone since I got rid of my picture hosting service when I left, so I'm sarting a new thread. So as always, please enjoy and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions, thanks!

Jedi Master Roron Corobb-

The Original Trilogy / size of tusken raider tribes???
« on: May 29, 2006, 04:47 PM »
currently i'm building up my vtsc tusken raiders. i really like this figure and i have always like the sand peopl in the movies. i'd like to get some of your guys opinion though as to how many tusken you think are in a tribe, including females?

in aotc when anakin creeped up on the tusken camp, there looked to be about a half dozen or so tents, i was thinking 4 people per tent so about 24-30 tuskens per tribe.....

what are your thoughts?

Star Wars Action Figures / need a few suggestions.....
« on: January 3, 2006, 01:02 AM »
i'm doing a few nikto custom's. one i have already done is a nikto senator his parts consist of:

head-e2 aotc nikto
rest-e1 pm rune hako

he is quite a corrupt senator and has a small group of nikto thugs/mercs that work for him. what i need help with is what body's or parts would make good nikto thugs/mercs. i plan on adding accessories to them but as far as base figures goes i'm not sure. i was thinking mabey otc myo body for 1, but i plan on there bieng 3 or 4 of them, so any helpful suggestions are appriciated, thanks!

Original Trilogy Collection / tie fighter pilot???
« on: January 2, 2006, 11:59 AM »
i've never picked one up so i don't really know, how is the artuculation and qaulity of the otc/saga tie fighter pilot? how does it compare in hieght next to votc stoormies? thanks..... ;D

Saga Collection '06 / at-at driver
« on: December 28, 2005, 08:34 PM »
the saga at-at driver is available at, here is the link but i'm not sure if i did it right. either way they have them, but they are pretty exspensive!

TV-9D9 / Clone wars cartoon Shaak ti pics?
« on: December 18, 2005, 06:36 PM »
hey, i was wondering if anyone could help me out with where i can find pictures of Shaak ti from the clone wars cartoon dvd, thanks.

Star Wars Action Figures / help with Sora Bulq pic.s!
« on: November 16, 2005, 08:45 PM »
hey, how is everyone? i'm trying to put together some custom Jedi for my Geonosis arena battle display and right now i'm working on Sora Bulq. i've looked around and found a few good shots of him fom the movie, but i can't find a full shot, i'm trying to see what style of boots he has on. if anyone can help me out with a full pictuer of him from the aotc movie i would sure appriciate it, and if anyone else has Sora Bulq customs i'd love to see them, thanks!


erik :D

Photonovels and Movies / Order 66: Jedi Master Enda
« on: November 13, 2005, 08:26 PM »
Here is my first try at a dio-story. I haven't gotten into effects and all that yet, but i thought i'd throw this out there just for practice! Any suggestions or comments are appriciated, so let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy.....
Near sunset, after a fierce battle, Jedi Master Enda and his Clone Troopers sweep what's left of a balcony in the commerce district of the City of Savornia.

MASTER ENDA: Sweep the area Commander, keep your eyes open for any civilian's that may still be on this level.

CLONE COMMANDER: Yes General Enda.

The Squad of Clones meticulously searches the area for any remaining Battle Droids. Stepping over just one Droid leaves a possibility that a blaster bolt may find one of these troopers and the Commander won't tolerate the senseless loss of a troopers life when there is a mission at stake.

CLONE COMMANDER: Be sure you get them all Trooper.

CLONE TROOPER: Yes Commander.

As the he walks behind his Jedi General, the Clone Commander recieves a priority message on his comm's.

CLONE COMMANDER: Squad Commander 2-5-ALPHA.

COMMUNICATION: The time has come Commander, "Execute Order 66".

CLONE COMMANDER: It will be done.

The Commander gives his troops the signal. Though there where no words, all of the Troopers know's what must be done. Each Trooper grips thier blaster a bit tighter at the thought of taking on a Jedi General with just a squad, next to impossible, but basic tactics dictate here, fire supiriority, overwhelm him! Even with fire supiriority the odds must be 1000 to 1, but a line Troopers job isn't to calculate odds, it's to follow orders and acomplish the mission, this order and mission are no exception...

Master Enda feel a shift in the force around him. But being on a battlefield can move the force in strange ways..... No, it is definetley a disturbance in the force! Master Enda draws his lightsaber.....

The Clones level thier blasters on the Jedi's back.....

Master Enda ignites his saber just as the Clones begin to attack.

The Clones fire at the Jedi, but his quick Jedi reflexes allow him to block and perry off the blaster bolts even before they reach him.

Master Enda immediatley perry's a blaster bolt back into the throat of the Clone Commander and throw the force knocking a Trooper out of the battle.

Jedi Master Enda continues to repel volley after volley of blaster fire from the Clone Troopers.

Fire Supiriority! The Clones pour everything they've got into the Jedi until finally, Master Enda is overwhelmed.

As he lay on the cold hard ground, Jedi Master Enda can't help but think that he will die without knowing why his Clones turned on him, or what the great disturbance in the force was. No matter, what has happened was the will of the force and thier is no regret, there is only peace.....

The Clone Troopers sweep over the body of thier fallen Jedi General just as calmly as if he where a Battle droid.

Then they can't help but stare for a moment. Orders or not, they had been in many battles alongside this Jedi, in thier eyes he was a great warrior and the warriors in them must pay tribute to him,even if just with a moment of silence.

As the sun sets on Savornia, so does the sunset on the Jedi Order and the entire Galaxy and gives way to the begining of the dark times.................

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