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Celebration Europe II: Messe Essen


Guessing no one is going to this one since the topic has not been created.  Is anyone from the Board going? 

I am hoping for an announcement for Celebration VII.  I imagine it will be next year in Orlando.  I can now imagine it alternating between Orlando and Anaheim with the Disney purchase. 

Looks like Hasbro's panel was a letdown as far as new reveals. Sure they had slides for Mace, Plagueis and Neyo but those figures were on display since day 1 and no mention of those new Geonosis Jedi Knight packs.

Would really love the inside scoop on what is going on.  At least if I understood the dynamics I could let go of the disappointment.  Hasbro has been underwhelming for three years now.

Funny how'd I'd take 15 minutes on Fighter Pods over AB any day


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