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Star Wars Celebration VIII - Orlando; April 13-16, 2017

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So who all is going from JD?

Jesse James:
I have some local buddies going, but not myself.  I don't travel outside driving or train too often and while Orlando's driveable, it's also kind of expensive and I want to save that for when Star Wars Land opens.  I can't say going to shows is much appeal to me anymore.  I don't really do panels and stuff, I just kind of meander around.  I'd rather meander around Star Wars Land, hehe. :P

Yep, I am a volunteer at the Collecting Track panels again. Come on by & check the panels out & collect the Star Tots & say Hi.  :)

I wish I could go, but sometimes personal things get in the way.

There's a very significant announcement on the guest list today.  Making his first ever U.S. convention appearance at Celebration Orlando will be Denis Lawson (Wedge Antilles).  He's had a bit of a complicated relationship with Lucasfilm over the years, but it's nice to see something like this appearance at Celebration.  Is it a sign that he may be involved in the Sequel trilogy?  Who knows?

If you're going to Celebration Orlando and are interested in the Lego exclusive, which is a mini scene build of Detention Block AA-23, you can go to the lottery page here: and sign up for a chance to be selected to purchase the set.

Looks pretty nicely organized, so I'm hoping that both my son and I will get picked as we have 4-day passes so neither of us really care when we'll get slots.

Here's a pic of the set:


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